Pemenang Segmen Simple Topup

First of all, thanks to all participate for this segment. Congratulation to the winner. I am sorry because take too much time to announce the winner. So, all of you can see your link at THIS SITE. As I said earlier, I will use service from Mr. for select the winner. Here's the winner for this segment.

Topup RM5 for 3 winner
  1.  -15-
  2.  -38-
  3.  -19-

Review Blog for 3 winner
  1.  -20-
  2.  -13-
  3.  -4-

Bloglist Julai for 3 winner
  1.  -32-
  2.  -14-
  3.  -16-

Congratulation for the winner again. For those people who not win for this segment, don't be sad. Wait for another segment that I will make in the future. Before I forget, at the end of the page of this segment, I was state that if the participation for this segment over 30 people, then I will add the price according to ratio 1:10. So, there was 47 blogger who were join my segment. So, this is one of the lucky participant. 

Topup RM5 for the lucky
At first I was typing error, the topup suppose RM3, but I wrote down RM5. Then I was go through one by one to inform about the typing error. But, now topup for RM3 was disclosed to all server. So, I change it to RM5. To all the topup winner, please inform me HERE to claim your reward. Time for claim until this Sunday, 7 July 2013. 

p/s : Sorry about the broken english. Will take writing exam at 20 July. Wish me good luck =)

Terima kasih kerana baca entry ini, jangan lupa datang lagi


miss fifi said...

ugh didn't win :3 anyway, congrats to all the lucky winners.

p/s: lets break english together :D

Sally Samsaiman said...

the topup is not mine...

congrats to all winners...

p/s : best of luck for your exam ya :D

lienliendot said...

saya dah pm kat fanpage. tgu respond je ^^

Cik Miela said...

alhamdulilah, dapat jugak hadiah :)

Nana Liena said...

not the lucky one.. :) congrats utk winners.. n how ur muet test..? okay?

Nao Mei said...

cik akak menang review blog tau..makseh dik :)

Anonymous said...

yeay menang..kathy dah inform kat fb sis..tqvm.. :)

Queen Contest said...

Oh girl, I'm lose! Haha I don't mind about it actually, congratulations to them! By the way good luck to you sis. :)

Shafikah Shammarika said...

Baru boleh online :/ Dapat ... Tapi , tak sempat nak claim. Hukhuk sedih :c